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The Dorn Method Home Study (Video & Data) DVD:

home study dvd


A distance study / home study Course for therapists.

Ideal to learn the necessary basics of the Dorn Therapy and apply it to your patients immediately.

For only 99€ (incl. Freight)


Start to learn at home and help yourself and others or prepare yourself for a Hands-on Training if you plan to attend a Seminar (Students who complete Hands-on seminars later with Thomas Zudrell can avail a 50€ discount from the Course Fee)

An ideal complement also for existing Dorn-Method Practitioners

» Say good bye to Back Pain forever!


To make the payment: Press Link below please! (Secure PayPal server)

Sorry aber zur Zeit NICHT erhältlich!!!


Special: For a short time only you can have a Spynamics Sacro Aligner for FREE with every purchase of this Home study DVD. This is an incredibly 49,90€ gift

spynamics sacro aligner



The Dorn Method Home-/Pre-Course Study DVD contains:

» All the files are on a Data DVD for self print out or onscreen viewing (pdf, wmv, jpeg).
(There is an additional Video DVD that may not run on all players but all Video Files are also on the Data DVD!)

Book / Manual:

Video Files: (wmv files for PC / Laptop)

Poster files (pdf, jpeg etc.):

PDF files:

Bonus file: (pdf)


The materials are intellectual property of Thomas Zudrell MD(AM), DMS and the legal buyer can use it freely for any desired private purpose but not for re-sale and distribution!



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